Wednesday, June 23, 2010

List Submission and Painting Guidelines

It’s time to get those lists in!

When submitting your list, make sure to include your name (and your partner’s name, for team events) in the body of the email.
Titling the list with the army type and points value (Empire 2250 or CSM 2000, for example) will make our job easier, and making the judges’ job easier means happier judges – always a good thing.
The ideal submission will be an ArmyBuilder roster with your name as the title, but you can send your list in any typed format.

Also, please note that the deadline for list submission has been moved back to July 15th.

For Warhammer Fantasy Battles, send your lists to

For Warhammer 40K, send your lists to

Also, we have had a lot of questions about the painting contests. Sorry, no simple checklist this year.

BoLSCon 2010 Painting Entry Guidelines:

This year we will be running this as a dedicated painting competition. This means that entries are submitted at the judging table and will remain with the judges until after the winners are declared at the awards ceremony on Sunday. Under no circumstance will the judges consider entries that are being used at gaming tables.

All models submitted will be the work of the person submitting the models. We reserve the right to question the techniques used to create models and or paint schemes and disqualify entrants based on their answers.

In this years competition conversion will be as important as painting. Part of the score will be based on conversion and/or dioramic display stand/base work. This includes vehicles. Display bases are allowed and encouraged. If the display base is a plinth/museum display stand then the figure must be secured to the stand. If it is a dioramic display stand that allows models on gaming bases to be incorporated into the diorama by using sockets or holes for the bases then the models are not required to be secured to the base.

An Entry’s score will be the average score of the judges who scored the entry. In the case of a tie the judges will confer and pick the best out of the tie. Entrants may only win once per category per genre. In the case that an entrant wins in all categories of a genre the judges will pick their best entry and award them in that category. Decisions made by the judges are final. The tournament organizer is not publishing the point scale or the judging criteria prior to BoLSCon in order to encourage competition and to give entries the freedom from meeting arbitrary requirements.

There is a separate “Best in Show” award. Best in Show is picked out of all the entries in the various categories and is not a separate category that one can enter.

All entries must be submitted by 1 PM on Saturday. Entrants waiting in line to enter the model prior to 1 PM will be allowed to enter their model. Entrants may enter more than one model per category. Judges will pick the entrant’s strongest entry per category and judge that selection.

For purposes of this competition model scales smaller than 20mm (1/72) will count one stand/team/base as a single model. Vehicles will count as single vehicles. For Example, a single Flames of War HQ, sniper, gun team, or infantry stand is appropriate in the single model category.

Models must be assembled in such a way as to allow gentle handling for inspection. What this means is that the models must be properly glued together so they do not fall apart when being gently handled. Models that fall apart will not be judged. The judging staff and tournament organizers are not responsible for any damage done to entries.

The categories for this years painting competition are:

SciFi Unit
SciFi Vehicle/Large Model
SciFi Single Figure
Fantasy Unit
Fantasy Vehicle/Large Model
Fantasy Single Figure
Historical Unit
Historical Vehicle/Large Model
Historical Single Figure

Models will be representative of the category they are entering into. The following lists are far from comprehensive and are more as a guidline for entrants.

SciFi or Science Fiction includes Warhammer 40,000, any Superhero genre, Pulp Fiction and Mecha.
Fantasy includes Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warmachine, Hordes, Warlord, Mordheim, Warmaster, Lord of the Rings etc.

Historical includes any historical age/era. Historical Fiction is allowed, but may be moved to the SciFi or Fantasy category by the judges if the entry seems historically implausible, e.g. Old West Steam Punk, Weird War II, Greek Myths, etc.

Unit entries must consist of at least five bases/stands and have a unit display/movement tray to denote that they are a unit. It can be as simple as a piece of cardstock that all the models stand on, to complex dioramic unit display stands. This is so all models in the unit are judged together and not mistaken for single model entries.

Any questions can be submitted on the BoLS Forums. Psyberwolfe is the head judge for this event and will happily answer any questions about this event.