Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Warhammer Fantasy Pairs Tournament Clarifications

I’ve been getting a fair number of good questions about the Pairs events. Here are some of the areas of the Fantasy Pairs that I think are worth covering:

Although you have two separate 1250 point armies, for many purposes of the game, they are one army. This means there are one General and only one BSB available. This also means that each player follows their army construction rules for a 1250 point force, with the exception that one Hero choice can be replace with a Lord choice for one of the two players. If both players follow the normal guidelines, you end up with a force of up to 6 characters (one Lord), 4+ Core choices (2 from each army), 6 Special choices, and 2 Rare choices.

Two High Elf players could field 10 Special and 4 Rare choices, and only 2 Core units.

An army that has a Dwarf contingent gets 2 extra dispel dice.

If the General of the army is not a Vampire, he still is the General for purposes of the Vampire Counts special rules.

In general, any ability that affects a friendly unit affects all friendly units, but abilities that affect a type of unit (Undead, Skaven, etc.) will only affect that type. For example, special Banner abilities treat all units from the army as friendly, but not of a particular type. So the Warriors of Chaos Banner of the Gods makes all friendly units within 6” Stubborn, but the Daemons of Chaos Standard of Chaos Glory will only affect Daemons.

Characters may only join units from their Army Book. Sorry, no Banner of Hag Graef in your Plaguebearers.

Chaos Warshrines, Cauldrons of Blood, and other similar abilities can be targeted on any friendly unit. The Giver of Glory ability of Warshrines will still only allow Warriors of Chaos units to earn rolls on the Eye of the Gods table for defeating appropriate enemies.

If you army General is Bretonian and you take the Blessing, your whole army is blessed by the Lady.

If you have a Bretonian contingent, you must have a BSB, but you are not required to have a Bretonian BSB.

Panic is treated normally, with all units from your army being treated as friendly. So, odd as it may sound, a unit of Plaguebearers being destroyed near your Bretonian Knights might cause the knights to Panic.