Monday, January 11, 2010

BoLSCon 2010 Gaming Events - Thursday and Friday

Thursday July 29th 2010

Open Gaming 6pm - 11pm
Description: Open Gaming means we have tables available for you to play on. We'll also have demos and other special occurances in the Open Gaming areas.

Friday, July 30th 2010

Warhammer Fantasy Pairs Tournament 9am - 9pm
Description: The Fantasy Pairs Tournament allows you and a friend to bring two 1250 point forces (one Lord total) and play against other similarly equipped teams. This is your chance to use Infernal Puppet with the Ring of Hotek, and all the other crazy combinations you can come up with.

Warhammer 40,000 Pairs Tournament 9am - 9pm
Description: You and a friend bring two 1000 point forces and play against other teams. You won't be able to put Genestealers in a transport, but we will allow you to put Calgar and Abaddon in the same Land Raider.

War of the Rings Tournament 9am - 9pm
Description: One player will win the prize of Lord of Middle Earth in this day of 2000 point War of the Rings battles.

Warmachine Mark II Tournament 9am - 9pm
Description: Bring your 35 point Mark II force to compete in fast scenarios and prove that your faction and Warcaster are supreme.

Flames of War Tournament 9am - 9pm
Description: Expect the unexpected in this Late War 1750 point tournament. All official army lists are accepted.

Warhammer 40,000 Bring It Battles 1pm - 7pm
Description: For those who just want to play with the big toys, this is your event. Apocalypse Battles set in the history of the Imperium, no force restrictions and all the insanity you can handle. Bring anything you want 500 points to 5000 points; we'll balance teams and add support from our own Titan legions as needed.

Open Gaming 9am - 11pm
Description: Just like last year, the Open Gaming area will have open tables, demos, and participate in the random prize draws.
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