Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BoLSCon: Jwolf's Challenge List


Hi all, Jwolf here. I’ve got some challenge games coming up with Jawaballs and Fritz at BoLSCon, and I struggled with what to play. Do I play Chaos Space Marines, because I love Berserkers? Dark Eldar, because they make mobile armies look static? Or the Tallarn? In the end, I decided to go with my good old Imperial Guard. Here is my list:

JWolf's IG "Brick to the Face" (2000pts)
Company Command Squad: Company Commander with Plasma Pistol, Powerfist, and Meltabombs, 3 Plasmagunners, Medic, Bodyguard, Carapace Armor
In a Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer, Turret Multilaser, and Hunter Killer Missile

Le Soldat Marbo

6 Ratlings

4 Ratlings

Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad: Platoon Commander with Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon, and Meltabombs, 3 Flamers, Medic
Platoon Squad: Grenade Launcher and Mortar
Platoon Squad: Grenade Launcher
Heavy Weapon Squad: Lascannons
Heavy Weapon Squad: Autocannons

Veteran Squad: 6 Shotguns, 3 Meltaguns, Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon
In a Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser

Veteran Squad: 6 Shotguns, 3 Meltaguns, Plasma Pistol and Power Weapon

Valkyrie with Multiple Rocket Pods and Multilaser

Hellhound with Hull Multimelta, Extra Armor, and Smoke Launchers

Armored Sentinel with Lascannon

Medusa with Enclosed Crew Compartment

Leman Russ Battle Tank: Hull Heavy Bolter and Sponson Heavy Bolters

Leman Russ Demolisher: Hull Lascannon and Sponson Plasma Cannons

So I know that both of these guys are going to be very mobile, and I’m taking a list that isn’t nearly as mobile as I could make it. Why? Well, if we’re testing our playstyles against each other, I think I should play it my way, and my way is plenty of guns and no concern about what my opponent brings, so that is what I have done with this list. I look forward to giving the Fifth Dimension a personal guided tour of the Brick-in-the-Face Dimension.

~Now of course it would be ungentlemanly of Fritz or Jawaballs to custom tailor a list based on this one. I trust they will take good representational lists for their well-documented playstyles. Who do you all think will prevail? Come on don't be shy....
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